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Rinat Abbyasov, Head of the Telecommunication department of GlavUpDK: спикер IM Events

Rinat Abbyasov, Head of the Telecommunication department of GlavUpDK

Born on 19.12.1957 in Moscow. Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Radiotechnics Electronics and Automatics, the faculty of radio-engineering, in 1981. Working at GlavUpDK since 1993.

GlavUpDK (Main Administration for Service to the Diplomatic Corps) - the only one company on the Russion real estate market with 85 years experience in servicing expatriate community:

The Telecommunication department’s main lines of activity are:

-             The development of the conception and business plan for the investment project of network construction and providing of telecommunication services to the tenants of GlavUpDK.

-             Designing, construction and maintenance of telecommunication networks and providing of communication and television services to the Diplomatic corps in Moscow.

-             Co-operation with the leading operator companies (MGTS, Comstar-UTS, Sovintel, Globus-telecom, Vimpelcom, MTS, KosmosTV, NTVPlus),  system integrators, property management companies and contractors.

-             The organization of telecommunication services at 400 locations of GlavUpDK (total area - 1,1  mln.sq.m.)