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Denis Kolokolnikov: спикер IM Events

Denis Kolokolnikov
chairman of the Board of Directors, RRG Group

Denis graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute, obtained second higher education in economy and management, passed CCIM courses in real estate and business valuation.
In the market since 1995, Denis has held positions of Head of Marketing Dept. and Clients Relations Dept. in leading Russian companies. In 2004 he had taken the position of Marketing Director in a local investment fund, and eventually the RRG company has evolved as a separate subsidiary branch in 2005.
Denis Kolokolnikov has been introducing and promoting innovative technologies of geomarketing, cluster analysis and gravity model calculations in commercial real estate market since for over 10 years. The R&D department, RRG Lab, was established in 2014, which has upgraded and fine-tuned such solutions as RRG-Huff gravity model, “Blanc Spots” technology for retailers anв property developers and other innovative products. Consolidated consensus forecast was tested introduced in 2012 under the initiative of Denis Kolokolnikov as a precise forecasting tool, which involved over 25 experts from major industry companies, followed by the second stage in 2014.
Denis is supervising the Expert Council on Property Redevelopment in Guild of Manager and Developers.
Business motto: “Only verified and accurate facts substantiate our decisions”

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