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29th Russian Breakfast at MAPIC: USE IT SMART

< 15 November 2018
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Speakers event

Date: November, 15, 2018
Place: France, Cannes, Hotel Majestic

In an age where every week there are innovative breakthroughs, it is easy to get lost in a variety of technologies and get lost in their action. It is even more difficult to grasp the significance of the discovery and the way it is applied in the real world. 

What is Russian Breakfast?

Russian Breakfast is a traditional meeting place for more than 200 leaders of the commercial real estate market. It brings together: top management of development companies, owners of retail real estate, business leaders, as well as specialists in the field of management and consulting. 

Current topic for the retail real estate market

Consumer activity is falling. Shopping is no longer the only, and even the main purpose of visiting shopping centers, and becomes only one of a number of services and options that the object can offer to potential customers. To remain competitive and attractive, the object must not only expand the range of tenants and be in transport accessibility, but also to be convenient, comfortable and be able to provide a number of additional services:

  • easy and intuitive navigation;
  • available and up-to-date information about the range of products;
  • notifications for customers about discounts, promotions and special offers, designed for a specific interested audience;
  • terminals for charging mobile devices;
  • interactive panels for recreation areas;

and much more.

Also, modern technological solutions help the shopping center to quickly and effectively analyze the behavior of the buyer, increasing customer service and sales. We're talking about:

  •  wi-fi analytics;
  •  ibeacons;
  •  attendance sensors;
  •  loyalty program.

and much more.

As a result, the range of proposals for the introduction of technological innovations 
the market increased. Naturally, the cost of such services and research is also high. And of course in a crisis situation for many owners of shopping centers the main issues are:

• What technologies does my facility need?
• How soon will their implementation pay off and will it bring me the expected benefits?
• Will my facility be competitive if I abandon them?

Retailers, as an integral part of the process of implementation and collection of Analytics, should also assess how this or that technological innovation is applicable 
in their segment and how to make your store as convenient and adapted to the modern needs of the buyer.

Why not to skip

  • Open information and practical experience on the use of various technologies from facilities and retailers;
  • Honest dialogue about the needs and requests of both parties (object and retailer);
  • A full range of market opinions on the introduction of technology, arguments "for" and "against".

The main issues

1) Which technological innovations are most effective?
2) How does the introduction of technological innovations actually affect the profit of the trading Facility?
3) What is the attitude to the introduction of technological tools In shopping Centers of the developer, retailer, management company, integrator?
4) Online and offline trading technologies.


09:00 – 09:20 Market analytics (Global practice and Russian realities)

We will provide global Analytics of technology trends in the Global market with examples, figures and facts. Compare with the real picture on the Russian market.

09:20-10:40 Panel discussion
During the discussion between representatives of shopping centers, retailers and integrators it is proposed to discuss specific case-theses, referring to the data provided by independent experts.

10:40-11:30 Breakfast and free communication